Boosted At Your Own Risk!

If you already have a Facebook page for your Real Estate Business, you’ve most likely come across the tempting “Boost A Post” button because it appears on virtually all of your page’s posts. It’s quite simple to get started with boosting a post - all you have to do is just click on that button and follow the onscreen instructions. In just a few minutes you'll have your very first Facebook “Ad”.

As your friend, let me just say…

Don’t do it!

Seriously, if you want more control over the creatives you can use for your ad, as well have more campaign objectives to choose from, you should use Facebook Ads. It’s more complicated, yes, but you get far more out of Facebook Ads than just a simple boosted post.

There’s plenty of reasons why Ads are better than Boosting, for now, here are three:

1. You’re not stuck with using a regular old post

With boosted posts, you can only boost published posts. This means that you need to write a post first, publish it, and only then can you boost it. With Facebook ads, you have so many options to choose from and you can even create dark posts which are posts that are created specifically for ads. Dark posts don’t appear on your news feed, unlike boosted posts.

2. You have plenty of choices where you want your ad to appear

Facebook Ads allow you to post your ad not just in the news feed but also in the right column, on Instagram, on the Audience Network, and more. You have a lot of options that are just not available with boosted posts. If you boost your post, it will only appear on mobile and desktop news feeds.

3. You can implement advanced strategies not available with a boost.

Not only do boosted posts have significant limitations on objectives and such, they also restrict your ingenuity. With regular Facebook Ads, you can implement ads with hybrid objectives, stack multiple ads with different objectives onto the same post to accomplish various goals while dramatically increasing engagement and elevating social proof. Boosted posts are one dimensional. Real Estate is competitive enough. We don’t need to tie our hands.

With that being said, boosted posts do have advantages. It’s a great way for Facebook Ad beginners to test the waters, so to speak. You can get a taste of advertising on Facebook, but pretty soon you’d want to scale your ads. When you do, you’ll need to get up to speed with Facebook Ads and the Ads Manager. Otherwise, boosted posts are money sucking, black holes in the Facebook Universe that gives the promise of success and delivers nothing but a few likes and a lot of disappointment. (Other than that, they’re okay.)

Disclaimer: Sure, someone will tell their story of amazing success with boosted posts. I would simply say that is an advertising unicorn. Either they accidentally had success, or their goals fit perfectly in the very narrow window of “Boosted” success.

james rembert