Facebook Ads Basics To Get You Started...

You know it, I know it, and anyone paying attention knows that Facebook is the new sheriff in town. Facebook isn’t the new latest fad. Advertising on Facebook is the new standard.... for good reason too! It’s boss!

Nothing comes close to what Facebook has done in the marketing sphere, especially in Real Estate. If you’re just becoming aware of this, you are late to the party. And if you’ve been working at it but haven’t cracked the code, there’s hope. Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve been hustling with little to no avail, I’m going to lay out a lifeline and offer some help so you don’t suck at Facebook ads.

In a nutshell, advertising on Facebook is like most of our dearly departed advertising methods. You’re watching you’re favorite show and suddenly an interruption to sell you the new and improved carpet cleaner. They spent millions and you went to the kitchen to grab a snack. What if they knew your favorite band and showed you footage of a recent concert and how to get tickets to their nearest show?

That’s the cosmic difference between Facebook and the late greats. Facebook ads can be hyper focused or localized to not just your geography but to you! Your likes, dislikes, web preferences, sports, music and nearly anything about you can be factored into the ads. If it’s done right, you’re happy the ad interrupted your mindless scrolling! We’ll get to how to do that well another time. For now, let’s start with the basic strategy of successful Facebook Advertising.

The best marketing is like a great conversation. Imagine you’re at a cocktail party working the room. The room has a buzz of dozens of conversations and you catch onto one that fits you. So, you ease your way in, and at the right time, offer something brilliant, interesting, charming or funny. If you do it well, you are welcomed in “circle” to discuss things further.

In marketing you must become a brilliant conversationalist. Sure you can find a corner and blabber on about something all by yourself and hope it attracts someone... or, you can deliver a great point in an existing conversation and become the life of the party, instead of the lame drunk bumping into himself and others.

Real estate is no different. You need to find ways to slide into the conversations people are already having. Can they pay a mortgage for what they are paying rent? Will their house sell with the old kitchen? How much should they invest in order to sell? What can they really afford to buy? There are a ton of other questions you already know they are asking.

The genius is in delivering the answers and asking good follow up questions in compelling way, in a way that leads to a true one-on-one conversation. This is done through great content. We engage the conversation with a video that hits home or a podcast that fills in the gaps, or a cheat sheet that gives them clarity or blog post that teaches them.

Before you can do that, you absolutely must know who and what you’re talking about. STOP! Don’t let that pass without recognizing the implications of that statement. Most advertising fails because they assume they know the audience, and assume they understand how to connect their product or service to the audience. They assume and they fail! You gotta know your people and your product. Great advertising rises or falls on that knowledge. The more you know them the greater your probability of success.

There’s no silver bullet or simple formula to Facebook ads… you’ve got to put in the work. When you first start running ads, you’re essentially buying data and doing research. You’re trying to see how the market responds to your message and who is responding.

This is the foundation of targeting. Facebook Ad Targeting is like tuning in an old radio. You turn back and forth until you get the right sounds and slowly fine tune the dial until you get the clearest sound. The secret to this process with Facebook ads is the data. It’s knowing your audience and, in real estate, knowing how your market well enough to find the best fit for your prospective buyer or seller.

The secret weapon of Facebook targeting is Audience Building. When you build your Facebook Audience, you’re creating your conversation circle. These are people that are statistically more inclined to be interested in your ads because they have been interested in you and your content in the past.

There are 3 distinct Facebook Audience types

  1. Custom Audiences

  2. Lookalike Audiences

  3. Saved Audiences

We dive deeper into Audiences and Targeting here. If you’re new to Facebook Ads read on and go back to this link.

The foundation of audience building and nearly everything you do with Facebook Ads is the proper installation and implementation of the Facebook Pixel. The Facebook Pixel is like your little piece of the Facebook Algorithm. Think of it like a baby artificial intelligence. Once it’s installed on your website and landing pages, it learns from all the traffic that flows through your pages. The pixel gets smarter with more traffic.

Keep in mind not all traffic is created equal. Just like raising a real baby, if you feed it junk traffic it won’t be a healthy little A.I. when it grows up. This is where the combination of audience building works in tandem with the pixel to supercharge your advertising efforts.

When you’re trying to reach renters and you are targeting home owners, your traffic isn’t helping you. Or, if you want get listings for single family homes and your targeting condo renters, your traffic isn’t helping you. You want your traffic to be your ideal client. That takes some skillful work.

The traffic that produces the best results is what we call Hot Traffic. We like to break traffic down as cold, warm and hot. Cold is people who have no previous experience with you. You’ll want to create content that connects with your ideal client, that will create and cultivate a strong conversation, turning cold traffic warm and warm traffic hot. Before we wrap up, here’s a few ideas:

  1. Video Campaigns: answer a big question or explain a complicated issue and prepare yourself to become a trusted expert. The more valuable the content the warmer your audience becomes.

  2. Give Value: this can come as any kind of content. The idea here is that you offer value and ask for nothing in return. This builds massive trust. Then after building trust, your offer is not merely tolerated, it’s welcomed. Remember the conversation analogy? Be a giver not a taker.

  3. Be an expert in something: Seriously, stop chasing every thing that might have potential one day down the road if you give it enough... that’s crap. Do you want to be a king or a jester? That’s what the “jack” of all trades looks like. Dive deep and offer immense value. Own your zip code, or single family in the mid two hundreds, or luxury waterfront, or multi family investments or... you get it. Be a King in your niche and provide content and value in your niche. Soon, your an expert, and your reputation will precede you.

There’s tons more we will dive into in coming posts. In the meantime, you’ve got some nuggets you can run with. The biggest thing I can leave with you is one word: implement. Take action! Don’t wait until you have it all figured out. The market moves to quickly for that kind of passivity. Get aggressive about your marketing.

So, what is your biggest take away? What will you take action in today? Also, feel free to ask any questions.

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Let’s get to work!

james rembert