Why Hyperlocal Is The Only Ad Strategy For The Successful Realtor!

Getting it Right

Every Realtor wants to succeed – and succeed BIG. Realtors who are new to the business and Realtors who don't want to "plateau" look forward and upward. They want to be as good as the top producers, and then they want to leapfrog right over them. They know they must market themselves and advertise their services effectively. Doing that masterfully takes one thing and two words: Great Strategy.

Let's dig below the surface and find the diamond.

The Typical Ad Strategy

Here's the thing. Realtors know that ads bring in leads. They know that leads come from making contact with potential buyers and sellers. So they go hard at it. They run local ads of their listings, they rent a bus stop bench with a great picture of themselves on it, they rent a billboard at the major intersection by their office or farm area, they start a Facebook fan page, and they get involved with local groups and events.

They do all those things because they believe the more they put themselves out there the more contacts they make and the more leads they get. The problem is, they focus more on doing all those things adequately rather than mastering one strategy. And that is the difference between typical Realtor advertising and successful Realtor advertising - choosing the best way and mastering it. There's the diamond. And you have just found it.

The HLD Strategy: Hyperlocal Domination

The HLD ad strategy is based on choosing that best way to advertise and doing it so well you get the maximum results. You don't just want "a lot of leads," you want good leads that will provide a long-lasting supply of current business, future business, and referrals. That's it! Choosing the best strategy and then mastering it delivers the best results. The great news is that it's not that difficult to learn, understand, and do. It's based on three things:

  1. The target market knowing and feeling you are part of their community.

  2. Being relevant to your target market.

  3. Being omnipresent, which gives the sense that they can't turn on social media, or anywhere online, without seeing you.

That boils down to what the pros call Hyperlocal, Relevant, and Omnipresent. "The HLD of killer marketing."

The best place for hitting the HLD homerun is social media. Most people do not spend a lot of time on bus benches, sitting at billboards or reading newspaper listings ads; they spend most of their time on social media. And the best social media platform is Facebook. It has a 90% domination. Friends, club and society members, sports team supporters, school groups, religious congregations, HOAs, newlyweds, boaters, anglers, and community groups of all types are on Facebook.

If you want to be hyperlocal so your target market sees you where they are, you have to be on Facebook. If you want to be relevant, so they "connect" with you, you have to be on Facebook. If you want to be omnipresent so those community, team, and group members keep seeing you as one of them, you have to be on Facebook. Facebook is your success platform.

Delivering on the Strategy

Facebook is your Medium because each of your market segments lives there. To talk directly to your ideal client base, you segment your market in three ways. You do it geographically, demographically, and psychographically. "The GDP of killer advertising."

Geographics is about the communities where you want to succeed as a Realtor (the subdivisions, apartment blocks, waterfront, golf, rural communities, etc. where you want to list and sell.)

Demographics is about the type of people who are your ideal clients (First-time buyers, empty-nesters, growing families, club and group members, etc. who you most want to work with.)

Psychographics is about how you speak to them in your ad campaigns. Today we use the word personas to describe the kind of person who will resonate with your ads.

The Takeaway

When you get the HLD strategy right and the GDP right, you become unstoppable. Becoming the dominant voice of Real Estate in your market.

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