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Real Estate Marketing in today’s digital age is completely narrative.

If your not telling stories that grab the attention of people on Facebook, who’s targeted with information on their news-feeds all-day and all-night. Tolerance for information that’s not interesting or useful is quickly vanishing. And unless you’re willing to tell your story to the end consumer, you are positioning yourself to quickly become irrelevant in your market!


The ZillowKiller Bootcamp is the first step to learning how to generate conversations that turn into business. James reveals the exact techniques that he uses daily to grow 100's of real estate teams & brokerages businesses around the world through Facebook Advertising. 

So, What Is Zillowkiller Bootcamp And What Will You Get For Your Investment?

  1.  5 Nights of hardcore Facebook Advertising Training With The ZillowKiller 

  2.  2 complete Facebook Ad Campaign Built WITH YOU   

  3. Lifetime Access To The Bootcamp Video Recordings     

  4.  Nightly Live Coaching and Q&A 

  5.  Facebook Real Estate Targeting Guide 

  6.  Sales Copy For Real Estate Worksheet 

  7.  Bonus: A complete list of Real Estate Marketing Resources 

  8.  Bonus: Lifetime access to YOUR ZillowKiller Bootcamp Facebook group   

  9.  Facebook Messenger Bonus That Can Only Be Shared in the Bootcamp